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Hey everybody!

Right now I am probably sailing the ocean blue on “The Music Boat Cruise,” so I asked my wonderful “web girl,” Jess, to post about this while I’m away from computer access.

I have a GREAT idea! As you may know, on August 27th I appeared on “Good Morning America.” Missed it? You can see links to my 2 interviews and performance of “Good Morning” with Tobymac, here. After my performance I gave GMA host Robin Roberts a copy of my latest CD “What If We Were Real.” I knew that Robin had battled and beaten cancer, but had contracted MDS, a rare blood disorder. She would be heading out to get a bone marrow transplant later that week. I thought my song “Stronger” would encourage her. Well apparently it did! GMA has been playing both “Good Morning” and “Stronger” pretty regularly ever since! I am told that every time they give an update on Robin since her medical leave for the surgery and recovery, they play “Stronger!” How amazing is that? I love that God allows His Word and love to get out to millions of viewers of the most popular morning show on TV!

Robin began her medical leave on August 30 (yep! 2 days after we met). She left GMA a bit early to be with her ailing mother, who incidentally passed away shortly after seeing Robin and her family one last time. Robin has since completed her bone marrow transplant (her sister Sally-Ann was her donor). The first 30 days after the transplant were critical. Her body had to adjust to her new cells, but she came out with flying colors and has gone to her New York home. While she is doing well, the road to full recovery is far from over. The next 100 days after the surgery are vitally important. This is the period, her doctors say, for “the immune system to take hold and for her to regain her strength … she’s got to rebuild in every sense.” You can see more about her journey here. But something Robin said sparked this idea. She said:

I know it is your prayers and warm thoughts that have gotten me this far.  I truly feel them each and every day.  I humbly ask that you please continue to send them until you see me back at the GMA anchor desk and I promise to send them right back at ya.

That’s when it hit me! Let’s send her a scrapbook of written prayers! I know that many of us have been praying for Robin. If you care to participate, just reply to this blog with a paragraph or so of the prayers you are lifting up on her behalf. Here is an example of what I mean:

“O great Healer: Thank You for what You are doing in Robin’s life! Thank you for all You have done in restoring her body to health. I humbly ask, Lord, that You continue the great work of healing in her life. I ask that as these next several weeks continue, that You align her new cells to complete wholeness. I also ask, Sweet Comforter, that in those difficult times when she feels alone, that she would feel Your strong and loving hands wrapping around her and giving her peace that passes understanding. I pray Your blessing on the medical staff that is aiding her, her sister Sally-Ann, and her entire family. Use this situation to draw Robin, those around her, and the GMA audience nearer to You, Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen”

Let the Holy Spirit guide you in what to pray. If you can figure out how to add a picture (I’m not really that tech-savvy)*, include a shot of yourself holding a sign that says “#TeamRobin.” When I get home this weekend I will print off the prayers and compile them into a scrapbook. (I also plan to add a few other “goodies” that I hope will encourage her.) I’m looking forward to all that God will do through this project of blessing our sister in Christ! Okay. Ready? Set. GO!!!

*P.S. from Jess the webgirl: 3 ways to include a photo … post a link to your photo (maybe from photobucket or twitpic or Facebook); or “tweet” it and mention @webgirljess; or email it to web@mandisaofficial.com. Thank you!


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  1. Linda Herring says:

    Dear Robin,
    Although you and I will most likely never meet I felt called to send you this note. I am a 60+ year old mom of four. I live on the east coast of Virginia in a very small town. So what are the odds of someone like me praying for someone like you? I know and I believe you know that ALL things are possible through Christ. Please know that through GMA and Mandisa I am compelled to pray for a successful recovery back into a ‘normal’ life for you and your family. God speed as you recover.
    Heavenly Father, again I bring Robin to you. She’s one of yours Lord and I simply ask that you continue to heal her through a power that only you have. Bless her and her family Lord and show them that even one who has been sick can touch those that don’t even know her. Be with her doctors Lord and show them what the right decisions to make are. Guide them in every decision they make. And Lord I ask a special blessing on Robin’s family as they too wade through the uncertainty of illness and recovery. Give them the peace that they need Lord, so they can hang on to the fact that You and You alone have everything under control. Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayer and for what You are doing in Robin’s life. Amen

  2. Rebecca Blount says:

    Dear Jesus,

    I come to you now asking for specific healing for Robin! What a wonderful woman who loves you and stands for you on national tv! Lord, we know you are can do anything and we claim complete healing in Jesus name! We know you are the great physican and we know that you created Robin and know every detail of every cell in her body! Lord, we pray this is the end of her medical journey as far as sickness goes and that you will restore her so that she can share her amazing testimony with others to give you the honor and glory. I pray for her emotional healing as she still grieves the loss of her mother…comfort her in a way that she will know it is only YOU! I praise you for the wonderful STRONG woman!

    In your most precious and holy name,


  3. Dixie Parker says:

    I have been praying for you Robin since the very first day I heard the news. Dear Lord, i am bring my sister Robin to your throne of grace. I pray your loving hand will be her source of strength and healing. I pray for continued blessing upon her and her loving family. Lord I ask for your protection, your healing, and your loving grace flooding their lives so others my see, that You are the ONE, True living God. And that we all can have a sweet relationship with His Son, Jesus. And then we can all be truly set free. In the Sweet Wonderful Name of Jesus, AMEN
    We Love you Robin and we are in your corner!!!

  4. Amber Kindsvogel says:

    Hi Robin, I’m sending healing prayers for you as you go through everything. God does sustain us in our time of need and I know He’s supporting you through this now. I pray that you will return to GMA soon.

  5. Lynn M. says:

    Dear Robin,
    I pray to the Father to lift you up for Healing and Full Restoration of your Body,Mind and Spirit. May his healing hands be with you as you recover. May you feel Jesus and the Angels close to you, as God guides you in your recovery. You are loved and cherished. You are not alone. Millions of people are uplifting you in prayer. May God continue to give you peace, strength, comfort. God bless your family and the medical staff. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    God Bless you,
    Lynn M. (IL)

  6. Lisa says:

    Dear Lord Jesus, You are our Great Physician! We are so thankful for Your care of Robin so far, and we entrust her to You for the rest of her journey. Please give her and her loved ones Your peace and may they feel your Presence. We ask for complete healing and thank you in advance for her good health. We love you and are grateful for Your great care and love for us. We are grateful to be Your children. In Jesus’ precious and wonderful name. Amen.

  7. Vicki Rogers says:

    I pray that the Lord will work out His perfect will in Robin’s situation and bring about healing. I ask that The Great Physician will heal her. I speak peace to her and ask the healing virtue of Our Lord God to flow through every vein, tissue, cell, ligament and that healing will manifest. I believe that Gods desire is manifest in her. I am in agreement with Gods word in Jeremiah 30:17 “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds declares the LORD.” I pray for the Lord to cleanse her body, soul, and spirit with the blood of Jesus. I speak life to her body. I declare blessing upon her body to function to the way God originally intended for it to function. I speak life to her immune system and for all the healthy cells to digest all the bad and sickly cells. Thank You, Lord for healing Robin now. I appropriate the word of God, blood of Jesus, power of the Holy Spirit to heal her completely. I speak rest and fullest recovery for her body. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Tammy Brahs says:

    1 John 5:14-15
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    14 Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.

    Praying for healing and renewed strength for you Robin! You are loved!

  9. Kathy Hale says:

    Wanted you to know prayers are continuing to go up from Mustang, Oklahoma! Heavenly Father may You continue to bless Robin and her family as her body recovers. Lord may You comfort her as she continues to grieves for the loss if her mother. Thank You for the time you gave them together and the lifetime of treasured memories! Lord bless Robins sister for the gift of life you gave though her!

    What a privilege to bring our burdens to Your throne of grace an mercy!

    Thank You Lord for living us and sending Your son so that we may have eternal life!!

    Love, prayers and (((hugs)))
    Kathy Hale

  10. Shelly says:

    Our gracious and heavenly Father. Thank you for this opportunity to come together To pray for Robin. We know that if we ask anything in your name And believe in it, we will receive it. Lord we thank you for what you are doing in Robin’s life. We pray that you bring healing and restoration to her body. We also know that With God all things are possible! God we ask you that you strengthen her physically, emotionally,and spiritually In this time. We pray that your name will be glorified in her miracle. That her family members, her friends, the GMA staff, All those who encounter Robin Will come to know there is a living God! We humbly lay this request at your feet. In Jesus name we pray Amen!

  11. Heike says:

    Lord, through Whom all things are possible, I come to you this morning to thank you for all you have done for Robin so far. I am asking that you help her through the next 100 days, continue to heal her and let her feel your ever loving presence when she has a tough day. Surround her with your healing love, and put a hedge of protection around her as she continues to get stronger. Let your light shine even stronger through her than it is already and put people in her life who will care for her no matter what happens.
    In your precious son’s name, Amen.

  12. Jill Copeland says:

    God I thank you for the healing you have completed in Robins body for you are the Great Physician and through you ALL things are possible. I just ask you to continue to strengthen and touch her in a way that she has never experienced. Thank-you always for the miracles you are performing. We love you Lord. A-men

  13. Meredith says:

    Heavenly Father, we know you are in all things, and that in You, ALL things hold together! We praise you for being a loving God, a creator who does not abandon us, but a Father who chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we would walk with you and bring you glory. Lord, I lift up my sister today, Robin Roberts. Though I do not know her, Father, YOU do, in every way, and nothing can take her from Your loving hands. I pray the eyes of her heart would be enlightened to know the surpassing greatness of Your power. May Your PRESENCE be our portion, may You act in Robin’s life and be glorified through her complete recovery, Lord. I ask these things according to the unfathomable riches of the grace we have in Christ, according to your will. Amen.

  14. Myrrah says:

    Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you now to lift Robin up to you. She is such a light, Father, such a light that the world needs to see. Father, I’m asking for healing today. Healing and peace. Comfort her, Father, remind her that you never leave us. She still has great things to do Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

  15. Katy Pistole says:

    Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for Robin. Thank you for her beautiful smile. She is a joy to spend time with in the morning. Lord, we know that you know her. You know exactly what she needs. We trust you with Robin from the top of her head to the innermost working of her cells. You invite us to participate with you in this dance called life. We say YES! We boldly ask you to heal and regenerate healthy processes in her whole body.
    Thank you Lord ~ for loving us. We love You!

  16. Alicia Roark says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for your love and your mercy! I lift up Robin to you today, knowing you know her each and every need. Today I pray specifically that you would visit her bedside and let her feel your presence like never before. You healed a woman of a dreaded blood disease when you walked here on earth. I”m asking you to move just like that again in Robin Roberts’ life.

    God, Robin has gone through so much lately. I pray that you be the God of all comfort to her. When she’s sad, give her comfort, when she’s tired, be her strength, and when she feels she just can’t go on, pick her up and carry her in your arms that are stronger than any other. Help her to become stronger each day as you begin the healing process.

    Satan, you no good, stupid devil, in JESUS’ NAME I BIND YOU FROM ROBIN ROBERTS. SATAN BITE THE DUST. Lord, put guardian angels round about Robin and keep her in your tender loving care. Thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful young lady like Robin Roberts who is fearfully and wonderfully made by you!

    I lift this prayer up to you and leave Robin in your tender loving care where you carry her all day long! In Jesus’ Name I pray-Amen

    Alicia Roark
    Williamsburg, VA

  17. Lee says:

    You are getting “Stronger” each day Robin & UU pray it will be a “Good Morning”

  18. Angela Pritchard says:

    Father You said by your word we are healed,I ask that you reach down and touch and heal my dear sister in Jesus name.

  19. Cheryl Grubbs says:

    Dear Jesus, I pray for Robin today as she is undergoing Your healing. I pray that You would touch all those cells and make them STRONGER. Don’t let her body reject the new bone marrow and keep any infection away from her body. Dear Lord, I pray that every day she feels Your love and strength. Show her Your love in so many ways, Lord, that she KNOWS it came from You. Amen.

  20. Pam Biagini says:

    everytime I see your face I see great joy! That’s the Lord shining through. He is making you strong not only for you, but for others who are going through this and still others that WILL go through this. Like the song says: Our God is an Awesome God! Prayers are being said all over the world everyday for you. I know you can feel them. Draw them in and hold their healing words to your heart.
    My husband is a walking miracle so I know first hand that God knows exactly what he is doing! Through my husband, many have come to know the Lord! The peace and the joy. The joy I see in your eyes.
    So many have never had the opportunity to meet you but you are so loved. Even though you get frustrated bored or scared, you are not alone. Just feel the joy!
    Thank you to Mandisa for organizing the scrapbook as she shares the same joy.
    God has blessed you Robin. Stay strong so you can share that blessing along your journey.
    Your sister in Christ,

  21. Chrissy says:

    Robin – I am a sister in Christ. I am so thankful to God for how far he has brought you. I pray that he will continue to build your new immune system. I pray for protection from any illness. May the Lord hold you close and continue to bless you more and more each day. I pray Robin that even on the days that you may not be feeling so strong or well that you will remember that God is caring for your every need. I love how we can come to him anytime and he hears us and he cares so much!!! I love Romans 12:11-12 – Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, fruitful in prayer.

    Thank you so much Robin for keeping us all informed on how you are doing. It means so much to me! You are a treasure to so many! Especially God. Love you as my sister in Christ. Keep fighting the good fight! I can’t wait till you are healed and back at GMA. Much love and prayers. Chrissy in Ohio

  22. Margaret Wallace says:

    Dear Robin you are in my thoughts and prayers!The way you have handled your illness is inspiring!! I miss seeing you every morning,but know that you are in recovery and doing what is best for you!!May God continue to give you and your family the strength to persevere in your recovery!!Prayers also for you with the loss of your beautiful Mom!Thank you for sharing your family with us!!Many blessings and prayers to you!!!

  23. Vanessa Evans says:

    Dear Lord, Thank you so much for your love and your mercy, which you bless us with each day. Thank you for the joy you fill us with, which gives us your strength and peace. Thank you for all you have done for Robin, for bringing her through all the storms that this life has blown her way, delivering her better, stronger, and more full of faith and and courage each and every time. We give you all of the praise and glory. May she be used by you to fulfill this great purpose you gave placed on her, that only she can achieve. AMEN.

  24. Missy Grantham says:

    Father God, I bring your dear Robin before you and ask you to continue to strengthen and heal her body. Lord, you are the Healer, the Great Physician, and I pray that you touch her body and heal her until healthy blood continues to flow throughout her body. I thank you for her light, her bright spirit, that even in difficulty she is joyful. She has blessed me and many, Lord. Please wrap your arms around her and show her your love. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

    1. Brenda says:

      ‘For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds, ‘declares the LORD… Jeremiah 30:17

      Dear Lord, I lift Robin before You and I pray for full restortation over her body. I ask You bring comfort and peace in this next part of her recovery; that not long from now we will hear her story on GMA and all glory will be Yours. May she come back stronger. Lavish her in Your sweet grace. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  25. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for your healing touch on Robin! I pray that you continue to heal her. Giver her the patience and strength to endure the next few months. Build her immune system to even stronger than before. Through You all things are possible and I pray in faith for a complete healing for Robin.


    1. Donna baumgartner says:

      Dear Lord, I just pray that you show yourself so real to Robin in this time. I pray your grace and love just overwhelm her during this recovery time and always.
      In your precious name I pray, amen.

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