Co-hosting TBN’s “Better Together”

//Co-hosting TBN’s “Better Together”

This week, catch Mandisa on TBN’s “Better Together” where she and co-hosts Alex Seeley, Natalie Grant, and Jamie Grace will discuss the week’s theme, Anxiety & Depression. “Better Together” airs weekdays at 1:30PM ET or 10:30AM PT on TBN. All episodes will be available on demand on the TBN app and

  • Theme for the Week of September 9, 2019: Anxiety & Depression
    • Monday’s Conversation: No More Silence
      • It’s time to speak openly about anxiety and depression. Do not suffer in silence.
    • Tuesday’s Conversation: Recognizing the Danger Signs
      • In the fight against anxiety and depression, can you recognize the warning signs that you or a loved one is entering a danger zone?
    • Wednesday’s Conversation: Confronting Panic Attacks
      • Can we experience supernatural peace, breakthrough, and freedom in the face of crippling anxiety and panic attacks?
    • Thursday’s Conversation: Support Matters
      • When “just pray about it” is not enough. Let’s learn how to support loved ones battling anxiety and depression.
    • Friday’s Conversation: Walking in Freedom
      • How can we embrace victory in the midst of life-altering struggles and diagnoses?

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