Review of the Film The Shack

shack_xlgMandisa and some of her friends recently saw the movie The Shack. Check out the review in the video below or on youtube.


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  1. Christine Thomas says:

    My husband and I loved the movie, as well! I enjoyed listening to you and your friends give comments and giving me more to think about. Thank you for your scripture references. God Bless you!

  2. Brandy says:

    Thank you for sharing this and your beautiful heart!

  3. Bri says:

    I haven’t heard much good about the film, in fact the preacher threatened to scold anyone who saw it. (Which I thought was ridiculous, the preacher isn’t the king) But, I don’t like how it portrays God as woman. Esp. considering one of my friends who hardly knows about God, once asked me if God was a woman. And clearly in scripture God is not.

    God doesn’t fit into a concept. That is what bothers me about films that try to portray Him as one certain thing, and people who enjoy it, will be glued to it. Jesus doesn’t fit into an idea. He is who He is, and our tiny minds cannot fully grasp exactly how wonderful He is. Because He is out of this world.

    Bottom line is, I am sure God will work through this to help some. He sometimes teaches me a lesson through a secular movie. He can work through anything. But so can the devil. I hope the devil doesn’t mess with new Christians and confuse them about their faith.

  4. Kelaiah Atkinson says:

    Im so glad you loved it! I have read the book over and over and gotten so much out of it that has deepen my walk with Papa! See I even call Him Papa now!
    Because of a lot of people saying it wasn’t biblical I actually found this other book that’s called, The Shack Revisited by C Baxter Kruger, PH.D. He is a theologian that goes deeper into who God is through Papa in the shack and backs it up with scripture. It is a super good read but deep I am probably going to reread just to get somethings to click better.
    I have to be honest I never saw any Universal teachings in it. The book I know made it clear that through Jesus is the only way and everything is about Him. Though I can now see possible misunderstanding of this for brand new baby believers or non believers who haven’t been told this truth.
    The part that got me the most was when Mack was accusing God for not being there and how he miss the mystery of the cross that God was with Jesus. And the quote that Papa said in the movie that was also in the book that I feel God has been repeating to my heart is this, “When all you see is you pain you lose sight of me.”
    I also believe certain things people dont like about it (book or movie) is more because of what religion has taught them and made us to believe is true and not who God truly is. It really takes God out of the box which we are the ones who continuely put Him in that box in the first place. My contined prayer is Papa allow me to see you for who you truly are not what religon says or even my pain says. Like Papa said we see Him only through a keyhole of our pain. It makes us realize there is so much more to him that I don’t think we will ever fully know till we see Him face to face. Haha see what I just did there. 😉
    So glad you liked it and yes the garden part is on my list of favorite scenes both book and movie! We are a mess but to Papa we are a fractal!

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