More than 100 pounds GONE! Take the “Journey” with Mandisa

//More than 100 pounds GONE! Take the “Journey” with Mandisa

For more information on Mandisa’s inspiring 100+ pound weight loss, click here to see all five “Journey to 100” videos (the 5th video highlights the step-by-step process Mandisa used to accomplish her weight loss goal).

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  1. Pastor Ed Rumley Bronx Bible Church-Sonia Sotomayor Community Center November 18, 2012 at 2:44 am - Reply

    Dear Mandisa,
    My name is Ed Rumley. I am pastor of the Bronx Bible Church at the Sonia Sotomayor Community Center, in the Bronx, New York. We recently held our first year anniversary. We were started by the original Bronx Bible Church, located on Morrison Ave. (You can see their website.)
    Thank you for your great example and encouragement. I just found out that my wife (Lori) has been listening to you for 2 years! (I am quite behind the times!).
    I have now lost 150 pounds. My dream to be a pastor in New York City did not come to fruition (it took 34 years), until I surrendered this aspect of my life. I joined the Christian 12-step program, called Celebrate Recovery. God has worked a great miracle in my life.
    You are welcome to visit our church any Sunday morning at 11:00 am. We meet at 1000 Rosedale Ave., in the Bronx. You are a great inspiration to everyone. I know you would be the same to our church folks here in the Big Apple. Please pray for us as we reach men and women, boys and girls, with the love of Jesus. Thanks so much, Pastor Ed Rumley.
    P.S.-One of the neat moments of my life was hearing Marvin Sapp sing in his church choir, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when he was 9 years old! Also- I have just acquired an I-Pod for the first time. I will be adding your music which will be super uplifting for my daily exercise walking!

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