Mandisa to Appear on The Doctors on Thurs. Oct. 25th

//Mandisa to Appear on The Doctors on Thurs. Oct. 25th

Tune in tomorrow to The Doctors to watch Mandisa discuss her remarkable 100+ pound weight loss and career success since American Idol. Also, since one of her favorite ways to exercise is through Zumba, Mandisa taught the audience the dance routine to “Good Morning” (To learn the entire routine, click the VIDEOS button above). For listings or more information on the show, visit

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  1. Shannon September 27, 2013 at 2:34 am - Reply

    Zumba is a major blessing for me for I was zumbaing over at La Fitness but lost my job (laid off) been laid off 3x. I was so alone, so lost, and was ready to forgive but God blessed me with me not just one Zumba but two Zumba that showed that God cares and loves me and I will persevere. Actually, one of the classes that I attend has adopted a house from raising money from Zumbathon it is called Safe Harbor House in Springfield, Ohio. Safe Harbor House helps women who have been abuse/prostitutes and sex trafficking and other hang hurt ups. This zumba instructor named Janae Corbett is a witness of God in so many ways. In addition, she starts the class with a scripture and she has wonderful volunteers that help take turns. When I started to attend the devotionals I knew I was normal not going insane. I still have moments of no hope but I know that is the devil so I submit to God and the devil flees. Jame 4:7. I know there’s an open house this Sunday between 1-4 p.m. I know you can’t attend but if you pray for these women and those who helped renovate the house it will be amazing. here’s there facebook page…but please do not tell me that I sent this. God just gave me this idea. Thank you for the Good Morning Song and the overcomer, and stronger. and all of the above

  2. Ruth Coles December 4, 2013 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    Shannon, your testimony has inspired me. I am a Zumba instructor in NC and I want to adapt the scripture reading right before I begin my class. I think that’s an amazing idea. It’s especially wonderful knowing that once God’s word is spoken, it will not return void but will go out and accomplish what it is meant to accomplish. Wow. THank you! God bless you and the organization you are supporting:) -Ruth

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