An Eternal Perspective

//An Eternal Perspective

If you’ve been to one of my concerts, you may have heard me talk about followers of Christ having resurrection power. That same power that raised a man from the dead can raise us from [insert impossible situation here]. Jesus said that, “whoever believes in Me will be able to do what I have done, but they will do even greater things…” (John 14:12) I don’t know about you, but there are some situations I am praying for that could really use some supernatural resurrection power!

But here is what I realized recently: In order for there to be a resurrection, there must first be a death. I was reading John 11, where Lazarus dies and Jesus resurrected him. I was was struck by Jesus’ words about Lazarus in John 11:4, “His sickness will not end in his death but will bring great glory to God…” I guess the thing that hit me is that I saw what happened as a contradictory statement upon first reading that verse. Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus while Lazarus was sick so He could heal him and prevent his death. But instead of rushing to the bedside of “the one He loved”, Jesus stayed where he was, and Lazarus DID die. First, why didn’t Jesus go immediately? And second, why did Jesus say Lazarus wouldn’t die? Then I re-read verse 4. Jesus didn’t actually say Lazarus wouldn’t die. He said that Lazarus’ sickness wouldn’t END in death. It seems that death was the necessary ingredient for God to be glorified through Lazarus’ resurrection.

How much more does that apply to our Savior? Jesus’ story didn’t end on the cross with His death either. No! HE ROSE! HE LIVES!

So how does this apply to us? It gives us an eternal perspective. I have prayed (and continue praying) for many things without seeing the answer I was hoping for at the time I wanted; dreams I have for ministry, marriage, my brother’s salvation, my friend Kisha’s healing from breast cancer, I could go on and on… Knowing that God specializes in making the impossible possible for His glory, and knowing that His timetable and His plans are not mine, fuels my faith to keep pressing on. It also gives me peace to know that even when things don’t happen the way I want them to, God’s eternal, big-picture perspective is so much larger than the miniscule, dark glass I am currently looking through.

When we are tempted to doubt God’s ways, let’s cling to Jesus’ promise in John 11:40, “Remember, I told you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God.”

I believe. Do you?

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