How to Report a Facebook Imposter

//How to Report a Facebook Imposter

I have been receiving a lot of messages from people letting me know about a fake Facebook account using my name. Apparently, this Mandisa imposter converses back and forth with you before asking you to contact a security company. Please do not call any phone number, contact anyone by email, or visit any website this poser asks you to. I fear it could result in your identity theft, or rip you off in some way.

My one and only FB page has a blue check mark next to it, indicating that it is a verified account. If you see any other account posing as me, I would appreciate it if you would report it. Here’s how:

1. From the fake profile, select “Report”

2. Select “Report this profile” and hit continue


3. Select “They’re pretending to be me or someone I know” and hit Continue


4. Select “A Celebrity” and hit Continue


5. Click “Submit to Facebook for Review”


6. Type “Mandisa” into the box … it will autofill and you can select the Verified page. Then click Submit.


7. The check mark will appear when the submission is complete. Click Done.

Twitter and Instagram have similar processes for reporting imposter accounts.

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  1. Espie Hernandez August 15, 2016 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    Profile has been reported

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