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Aug 14th

Remix EP “Get Movin'” Now Available

2012-08-14T16:43:09+00:00 Aug 14th|News|4 Comments

Now available for digital download ... five of your favorite Mandisa songs, remixed! Perfect for those of you who love upbeat music for your workouts, or anyone who wants to hear a new spin on the songs. Track listing is: 1) Good Morning (Capital Kings Remix) 2) Stronger (Movin' Remix) 3) Only the World (Switch [...]

Nov 23rd

10 Tips to Keep You From Blowing It This Thanksgiving!

2011-11-23T06:24:37+00:00 Nov 23rd|Blog|18 Comments

Some research suggests that the average American gains 5lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years, while others claim a more accurate estimate is closer to 1-3lbs. I can't speak for anyone else but stepping on a scale and seeing the number go up instead of down is bad news in ANY amount! Several people have asked [...]

Sep 13th

The Reason I Keep Weighing

2011-09-13T21:58:26+00:00 Sep 13th|Blog|36 Comments

It was a great week! I coupled an hour of cardio with 45 minutes of weight training with Trainer Tina twice that week. I had also done at least an hour of cardio 3 more times, hitting my goal of exercising 5 times that week. But that's not all! I felt great about my eating [...]

Jan 10th

Fat Camp

2010-01-10T17:24:00+00:00 Jan 10th|Blog|0 Comments

Ok, wasn't exactly fat camp, but that is how I jokingly referred to it among my friends. I'll explain, but first, let me back up and give you a little history. I love the holidays. Family, friends, and FOOD!!! Well needless to say, the food did me in. I gained so much weight during [...]

Nov 10th

My Discoveries On My Journey To Freedom & Fitness!

2009-11-10T23:42:00+00:00 Nov 10th|Blog|0 Comments

So many of you are with me on this journey to be healthy! I cannot tell you how connected it makes me feel to hear from you as you incorporate healthy changes into your life. I love hearing about the weight you have lost and the praise reports of how these changes have effected you. [...]

Sep 17th

Update on My Journey to Lose 100 Pounds

2009-09-17T04:06:00+00:00 Sep 17th|Blog|0 Comments

As many of you know, I have been on a health quest lately. My battle with my weight has been a very difficult and very public one. The difficulties began years ago when I was a child. But the public part began with that infamous barb "Do we have a bigger stage this year" by [...]