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Remix EP “Get Movin'” Now Available

Now available for digital download … five of your favorite Mandisa songs, remixed! Perfect for those of you who love upbeat music for your workouts, or anyone who wants to hear a new spin on the songs. Track listing is: 1) Good Morning (Capital Kings Remix) 2) Stronger (Movin’ Remix) 3) Only the World (Switch …

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10 Tips to Keep You From Blowing It This Thanksgiving!

Some research suggests that the average American gains 5lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years, while others claim a more accurate estimate is closer to 1-3lbs. I can’t speak for anyone else but stepping on a scale and seeing the number go up instead of down is bad news in ANY amount! Several people have asked …

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The Reason I Keep Weighing

It was a great week! I coupled an hour of cardio with 45 minutes of weight training with Trainer Tina twice that week. I had also done at least an hour of cardio 3 more times, hitting my goal of exercising 5 times that week. But that’s not all! I felt great about my eating …

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Fat Camp

Ok, ok…it wasn’t exactly fat camp, but that is how I jokingly referred to it among my friends. I’ll explain, but first, let me back up and give you a little history. I love the holidays. Family, friends, and FOOD!!! Well needless to say, the food did me in. I gained so much weight during …

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